James F. Mahoney, Attorney

Trucking Attorney

DOT Audits. If your company has experienced an FMCSA-DOT field or desk audit and your safety rating is at risk, Jim Mahoney can help you avoid a downgrade of your safety rating and a threat to your business.



  • More than 25 years of trial experience; 50 plus first chair trials
  • Management consultation and direction in a practical manner
  • All manner of cargo claims under the Carmack Amendment, COGSA
  • Collection of unpaid freight charges
  • Insurance coverage / large loss management and resolution

Engagement of the Mahoney Law Firm in litigation means commitment to your business. We understand the way trucking companies work and the issues at stake when problems arise. We work with you to determine, as quickly as possible, whether settlement or trial is the best way to resolve your disputes. Our clients are companies of any size – from the largest motor carriers to small or specialty businesses – who face injury or property or cargo claims disputes in the Southwest and across the country. When you turn to The Mahoney Law Firm for help, you are at the center and pivot point of our strategy. Every action we recommend is done with your trucking business objectives in mind. We don’t over- or under-litigate, and we’re not afraid to take an aggressive approach to a dispute on your behalf when it’s warranted. You get the benefit of a highly skilled trial lawyer who has pulled together all the resources from throughout his career to handle your case effectively.

For over a quarter century we have successfully handled simple to complex matters involving multiple parties, multiple jurisdictions, substantial economic claims and the most challenging legal issues.

Cargo claims
Whether due to intermodal, brokered loads or shipper insurance problems, claims are closing in on transportation clients. Cross-border claims have escalated in the border states, with evolving requirements for limiting exposures under the Carmack Amendment, by tariff or contract. Plaintiffs’ counsel are encouraging Courts to expand liability to freight brokers and carriers themselves who broker loads.