James F. Mahoney, Attorney

March 2013

Stepped-Up CARB Enforcement

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January 2013 marked the start of stepped-up California Air Resources Board (CARB) enforcement efforts, empowering all CARB enforcement officers to investigate and fine shippers and receivers (and brokers) suspected of hiring companies whose reefers don’t meet the state’s TRU (Transportation Refrigeration Unit) regulations.

CARB can fine a broker, shipper or consignee - whomever hires a carrier using non-compliant reefers - up to $10,000.

“The $10,000 could be applied to any of those players,” says Rod Hill, CARB staff air pollution specialist. “Normally that $10,000 number isn’t going to be used. That number is there in the event that we get a repeat offender or somebody who just is not forthcoming or cooperative.”


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