James F. Mahoney, Attorney

November 2012

Crash Rates Are Up – Significantly

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First-half 2012 road fatalities are up year-over-year by 9.0%. The fatality rate per 100 million miles of travel (VMT) is 1.12, versus 2011's 1.04.

The estimated 9% increase during the first half of 2012 represents the largest such increase during the first half of the year since 1975, the first year when NHTSA started collecting data on such crashes.

With insurance rates rising and the pool of underwriters shrinking because of their meager interest rate returns on investment, it is time for you to double-down on safety and accident prevention.

Workers' comp rates for drivers are so far up you should consider an all-contractor fleet – seriously – but do it right and limit your exposure to taxing authorities, state unemployment agencies and premium-hungry underwriters.