James F. Mahoney, Attorney

May 2019

Be Prepared for FMCSA "Roadcheck 2019" June 4-6

As they do each year in late spring, from June 4 through June 6 the FMCSA will deploy over 10,000 CVSA certified and authorized inspectors around the country at over 1,500 roadside inspection sites, ports of entry, and weigh stations to inspect trucks and drivers for compliance with FMCSA regulations.

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Roadcheck 2019 will be conducted ‘round the clock, for 72 hours, performing Level I Inspections.

Level I inspections involve a comprehensive 37-step procedure, which includes items related to vehicle, driver, and cargo safety and securement.

Prepare Your Drivers and Equipment

Drivers will need to provide their valid CDL; medical certificate; Hours of Service documentation, including fueling receipts and weight tickets; Motor Carrier registration; and shipping documentation.

Vehicle inspections will include brake systems, cargo securement, fuel systems, lighting devices, and tire condition.

Your drivers should be prepared:

  • Always wear seat belts

  • Have your CDL

  • Have your medical card

  • Keep a positive and professional attitude

  • Have a copy of company’s insurance card

  • Have a current, up-to-date permit book

  • Have a charged and secure fire extinguisher

  • Have the three reflective triangles

  • Have proof of annual inspections for tractor and trailer

  • Know your HOS device and how it displays for inspections

  • Keep your vehicle neat and clean

  • Conduct a proper and thorough pre-trip inspection, with particular attention to lighting, brakes, wheels, tires, rims, and any observable defects.